Vertical Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lift, Porch Lift or VPL for short, can be a wonderful addition to give full access to your home.

Architectural design, building codes, and aesthetics are keys and add value to any well constructed home.  But, for someone using a wheelchair or scooter, or even with mobility challenges that just require a cane or walker, a porch deck or even a small set of stairs can be an even larger barrier.

Vertical Platform Lifts deliver the most simple and direct solution for conquering these challenges. A VPL can effortlessly help you travel straight up and down, from patio to porch, driveway to entryway, backyard to deck, even floor to floor.  Total Mobility installs only the finest vertical platform lifts from industry leading companies such as Bruno, Harmar and Mac's liftgate. Allow us to use our 24 years experience in the mobility industry help to overcome a barrier into your home.

Powered by your choice of batteries or household current, our Vertical Platform Lifts are strong and durable, with an array of safety features. Quality craftsmanship and performance integrity.

Erase the barriers right outside your door.

We'll be happy to discuss the services we offer and answer any questions you have.